10 Best PC Repair Software [Free + Premium]


Is your PC running slowly, crashing unexpectedly, or behaving strangely? You’re not alone! Many things can cause PC problems, but the good news is that there’s software that can help. This guide will explore some of the best PC repair software options, including free and paid solutions. Whether you’re a tech wiz or a novice user, we’ll help you find the right tools to diagnose and fix your PC troubles and get your computer running smoothly again.


RestoreX360 is a suitable choice as the best PC repair software. It offers versatile functionality. And total defence against every kind of Windows Error. In just 10 – 15 seconds, it can eliminate any problem, including software corruption, hang issues, ransomware, and spyware.   

It will scan, identify, and resolve over 10,000+ problems with your Windows and other software in 10 – 15 seconds. If you install it, you will turn off Windows auto-upgrade. RestoreX360 can improve your PC’s performance and keep your area clear of clutter and vacant. It has two different packages curated for the customer’s needs.


Excellent malware-scanning skills are the reason Norton is the best for 2024. With one of the best anti-malware engines available, it protects your computer from harmful invasions that might negatively affect its functionality. Norton identifies a broad spectrum of threats by leveraging machine learning, heuristic analysis, and a huge malware database. 

Norton offers a range of subscription options to suit different requirements and price ranges, but the Norton 360 Deluxe plan, which begins at INR4,160 per year, is my best choice. It comes with excellent PC repair software, cutting-edge antivirus protection, and other practical features like cloud storage and parental controls. Every Norton package includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Total AV

The System Tune-Up from TotalAV is a comprehensive PC maintenance and enhancement method. Its functions are intended to solve different problems and enhance the system’s functionality. For instance, TotalAV includes disc optimization and junk file cleansing among its many vital PC repair features.

The robust malware detection and cleanup features of TotalAV are equally noteworthy. With its sophisticated algorithms, the PC repair software can identify and remove many malicious programs, such as ransomware, spyware, adware, and viruses. On average, it removed 99% of malware files, which is impressive.


The most exciting feature is Bitdefender’s cloud-based malware detector. It combines machine learning and conventional signature-based scanning to protect against malware threats like spyware, adware, and PUPs without slowing down your computer’s operation.

Although Bitdefender’s OneClick Optimizer is excellent at cleaning up, it is missing several other optimization features, including a startup manager and a duplicate file finder, that are included in rival programs like TotalAV and Norton. 

This feature is available when you buy the premium plan for the PC repair tool. At INR 4,160 per year, Total Security provides up to five device coverage and an extensive array of extra security features. For INR 6,650 per year, Premium Security offers all of Bitdefender’s features, including an unlimited data VPN, and protects up to 10 devices.


Thanks to its easy design, users of different skill levels can easily navigate and utilize the program. Avira’s features are straightforward to navigate and offer quick access to all the important capabilities without being overly complicated. Another feature you would like is the ease with which you can choose the frequency of Avira’s scans. 

Avira’s free plan is a plus point. Essential optimization tools and real-time virus protection are included in the free plan for this PC repair tool. But you would take Avira Prime. You may get the entire array of optimization and cleanup tools on up to 5 devices for INR 3,080 per year. Additionally, Avira offers a substantial 60-day money-back guarantee to support its software.


The powerful virus detector from Kaspersky makes it the best PC repair software. It uses an extensive database and cloud-based machine learning to identify viruses, such as PUPs, spyware, and adware, which can seriously impair device performance. One excellent feature of the program is that it enables flexibility by letting users cancel automated scans. You can also postpone scans, which are scheduled during CPU-intensive operations. It is also helpful in providing an approximate time estimate for a scan.

Three Kaspersky plans include the system cleansing tool. Starting at INR 4,400 per year, the Kaspersky Plus package is an excellent bargain for up to 10 devices. It has other benefits, like an unlimited bandwidth VPN and a password manager. Kaspersky offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans.


With Fortect, you can clean, repair, and improve the performance of your Windows PC. When the program is first opened, it runs a quick check to identify any viruses, spyware, or other problems responsible for a slow system. It maximizes PC performance by deleting unnecessary files, fixing corrupted OS files, adding missing ones, and fixing registry problems. Mac software provides a thorough summary outlining the hardware, stability, and security problems impacting your computer after scanning it. You may pay for the full-repair premium package to handle all the issues affecting your system, or you can optimize your PC for free.

Tweaking Repair Tool

Tweaking’s PC repair tool can address many problems and improve PC performance. The programmers know why your computer might malfunction and have included many tools to help users deal with those issues.

It assists with fixing registry errors, addressing file permission conflicts, and resolving problems with Windows updates, firewalls, and Internet Explorer. This utility allows you to locate the cause of problems and fix them by restoring your Windows system to its initial state.


FixWin is the one-stop solution for nearly all Windows 10 issues, from fundamental issues like a malfunctioning recycle bin to more complex ones like unlocking the registry editor.

The application offers ten distinct solutions to each problem. These difficulties may include malfunctioning critical Windows operations or trouble surfing. Some only need a straightforward reboot.


This tool is excellent for technicians. It allows them to address their clients’ problems and increase productivity. CCleaner can efficiently complete whatever task you need to do to improve a PC’s general efficiency, such as defragmenting or removing unwanted applications to free up space.

CCleaner Technician Edition is a valuable program created primarily to make PC technicians’ tasks manageable. Its quick cleaning and defragmenting procedure lets technicians run their businesses effectively around the clock and significantly decreases downtime.


With various free and premium PC repair software options, you can address multiple performance issues and keep your computer running smoothly. Whether you need to clean up junk files, optimize startup programs, or even diagnose deeper system problems, there’s a software solution to fit your needs and technical expertise. So don’t suffer through frustrating PC problems any longer! 

Use this guide as a starting point to find suitable software for you and get your computer back in top shape.

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